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  • Dave MacDonald

Hold the Door

Hold the door for someone else

Hold the door. 

This was the first, and most powerful lesson I learned in college (shout out to Siena)

It was a simple gesture, and most times we didn’t realize why we did it. 

We just…held the door for the next person.


But this rather basic task would change the mindset of thousands of students, forever. 

In that moment, you were not thinking about the class you were headed to, if the gym was going to be packed, or if you had enough 30 racks stacked away for the weekend. 

You were thinking about them. About another. 

Sure they could have just opened the door again themselves.

But we held it anyways. 

There is great power when you take a moment and think about someone else. 

No agenda, no motive. Just being kind. And if you repeat this often, soon enough it becomes a culture. 

I’m so grateful for this life lesson.

Hold the door. It’s makes more of a difference than you think. 


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